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  1. We believe in advancing a sustainable economy where transportation is electric and shared, and where energy is clean, reliable, and affordable for all.

  2. renu ventures drives these goals through targeted funding of companies that share these values, thereby reducing emissions and advancing the sustainable energy economy.

  3. renu ventures creates value for our limited partners and portfolio companies through our team of investment and operating professionals working collaboratively with the management teams of our portfolio companies.

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renu ventures invests globally in early stage companies focused on electric, shared, autonomous, &connected transportation, as well as the management of renewable, decentralized, and integrated energy.

Our team, advisors, and strategic partners have early access to companies and emerging technologies in universities, incubators, and industry accelerators seeking early-stage


We have the expertise and resources to help our portfolio companies analyze market trends, evaluate new technologies, and form go-to-market strategies.

We create valuable sales opportunities and synergies for our portfolio companies by introducing them to our global network of businesses, mentors, advisors, and investors.


renu ventures invests strategically into technologies and business models that accelerate the evolution of sustainable transportation, clean energy, and smart cities. We carefully review companies based on their stage of development, team, competitive advantage, and overall alignment with our investment thesis.

renu ventures invests in companies that bring platforms, technologies, and business models to market that make the transformation to autonomous, connected, shared, and electric cars faster and more efficient while providing a lower cost to the customer. Special consideration is given to connecting transportation to the electric grid intelligently and efficiently. We will evaluate sustainable energy companies focused on intelligently controlling and integrating distributed energy assets.


We seek a broad and diverse geographical balance amongst our portfolio companies.


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