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renu ventures is a growth capital fund focused on the convergence of transportation, energy and 
infrastructure. We believe in advancing a sustainable economy, where transportation is electric and 
shared and where energy is clean, reliable and affordable for all.

renu ventures drives these goals through targeted funding of companies that share these values, 
thereby advancing the sustainable energy economy and reducing emissions. We invest in early and   
growth stage companies focused on autonomous, connected, electric, shared
transportation and management of renewable, decentralized energy.



renu ventures invest into companies across the spectrum from early to growth stage. Geographically, renu ventures is focused on the North-American market, however opportunistically we will look at companies in Europe and Asia. 

A large portion of the fund is reserved for early stage companies that find themselves in series A or B. renu ventures will be a lead- investor in these scenarios. 


The majority of the fund is reserved for growth capital for companies looking at series C,D & E rounds. 



renu ventures will invest strategically into technology and business models that help the evolution of Sustainable Transportation, Clean Energy and Smart Cities. We will carefully review a company based on its stage and its fit into our investment thesis.


renu ventures will invest in companies that bring platforms, technologies and business models to market which make the transformation to connected, autonomous, shared and electric cars faster and more efficient while providing a lower cost to the customer. Special consideration is given to connecting transportation to the electric grid intelligently and efficiently.

For example, renu ventures might invest in a company providing a platform to direct AVs to relevant points on the grid where load or capacity is needed however, might not be the fund that invests into one of the numerous LIDAR companies in the market.

Renewable Energy technology has attracted significant capital over the years; when looking at renewable energy opportunities renu ventures will focus on intelligent control of distributed energy assets. We might invest into a company smartly controlling assets such as EV charging, solar, energy storage to provide the best value to the user and to the grid. However, we will most likely not invest into companies pursuing the next solar cell technology, solar module manufacturing or ownership of energy assets.

In the renu ventures's portfolio we will also seek a balance between early stage versus growth stage companies.


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